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>> we had a power line dropped and we had to move back for the safety of the personnel which hampered fire operations the fire started at the next door neighbor's home and spread to this house. they lost more than an hour waiting to figure out the power issue while the huge wood home continued to burn. by that time it wasn't safe to go inside. it took five hours this will they put the fire out. >> it is a nightmare to watch this in slow-motion but it happens. >> we might have had a different outcome if we didn't have the power line there. the safety of our personnel have to come over the property. >> a spokesman from the power company says the crews figured out fire burned through the power lines so there was no electricity flowing while the house was burning. firefighters think they figured out the cause, an electrical
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problem inside the home where the fire started at the neighbor's home. no one was inside that house when the fire starts. >> today is the first day of spring but we are off to a soggy start. meteorologist, mike nicco, and the bay area forecast. has the latest. >> we will look and show you the visibility and how the rain is moving from the north bay from emeryville to alcatraz and you can see the golden gate bridge with light showers. the further north you go the heavier the rain is sitting on top of bodega avenue running into 116 where the best radar returns. the north bay is getting the bulk of the wet weather at petaluma headed to sonoma all slowly sliding to the south. we still have a chance of rain across the entire bay area from now this will action. it will be very light but it is still going to be out there and
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make the evening commute interesting with wetness on the street. >> new this morning, family members have identified two of the seven marines killed in a training exercise. the first was a 21-year-old lands corps tall josh tailor of ohio. and another, a 23-year-old was also killed. the marines were launching 16 millimeter mortars on monday when it exploded inside the firing tube. the military is expected to release the identities of all the fallen marines. a national research group has recommendations for improving the quality of teaching in oakland schools. the independent study calls for the change in the way teachers are evacuated and compensated. highway does the teachers' union react? >> not well. the union calls the study
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"flawed, slanted and anti-union." that reaction does not bode well for the community groups who hoped educators and policymakers would get behind it. the national council makes 25 recommendations to the unify school district and seven to the state. >> great teaching does not happen by accident. it happens when there are good policies and excellence practices that are in place. >> a coalition of open community groups paid for the study. >> we know from our experiences and the research, that there is more we could be doing to set up our teaches for success. >> they say oakland needs to do a better job of hiring and assigning teachers. the district now hires teachers late in the summer when many candidates have already found other jobs. the council says principles should have final say over hiring and clarify teacher evaluation standards that are
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confusing, pay top teachers more with performance incentives and move to an eight-hour official work day, because oakland has one of the shortest official work days in the state. the council president says a study is not a report on whether oakland teachers are good or bad but how to get and keep better teachers overall. >> there are still great teachers here, very committed and hard-working teachers. >> the district says the study does not fully understand oakland's situation. >> we are looking at this as a foundation. we can take some good from it, put aside some bad. >> the teachers' union says the washington-based council suggested reforms that would weaken teacher rights but the study accurately points out oakland teachers are among the lowest paid in the east bay. thank you. classes resume today at a pre-school where a former teacher is accused of tying up a
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two-year old girl who refused to take a nap. the preschool has been shut down for a week after it was revealed the teacher allegedly bound the girl's ankles and wrists. the teacher resigned in january. the district attorney is deciding now if the teacher will face criminal charges. authorities are asking for help in finding a missing danville man. a silver alert is issued for the 83-year-old man at 5' 7" and 170 pounds. police talked with him on the cell phone and said he was disoriented so if you happen to see him, call police. >> president obama is making the first trip ever to israel. the promises he is making and the unexpected travel troubles he faces today. >> plus, politicians behaving very badly. a fistfight broke out in the house of farm element. >> a study finds a sharp jump in
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the number of autism spectrum. doctors explain the possible reason.
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>> rebound in jerusalem right now, one of his stops in the first visit to israel since taking office. the three-day trip is filled with promises of unwaivering support as the president tries to win over skeptical israelis. abc7 news reporter, katie marzullos joins us.
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>> president obama is deeply unpopular with many israelis who are not sure the united states is serious about defending the percent state. in two speeches this morning the president is assuring those people his administration will pursue a middle east peace deal. >> from a closed door meeting president obama and israeli president peres present a united front, a desire to keep israel safe and secure. >> this is a common vision uniting us, to conform the dangers to bring peace as soon as possible. the greatest danger is a nuclear iran. >> i reaffirmed to president peres administration i will throughout my visit that in this work the state of israel will have no greater friend than the united states. >> this trip began with a warm welcome at the airport in tel aviv, president obama joking with the prime minister about getting away from congress.
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prime minister binyamin netanyahu told president obama he would help him with the wish to travel through israel secretly. >> we picked up a few cafes and bars in tel aviv and we have prepared a fake mustache for you. >> the white house has lowered expectation for the trip saying there will not be breakthroughs on the peace process but the president will visit the west bank and meet with palestinian leaders. protesters have already taken to the streets in gaza city burning american flags and posters of president obama. but israel has high hopes for productive presidential visit. the embassy releasing this cartoon with a subtle message. ♪ thank you for being a friend, a friend ♪ >> the president's trip hit a bump in the road. the armored limousine broke down in jerusalem as the driver filled it with gas rather than zeal but it was towed before the president arrived in israel. this is video of president obama
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getting into the replacement car. the president will be visiting jordan on this trip and he will be in the region until saturday. >> a new government study this morning shows the rise in the number of children with autism. the centers for disease control says one in 50 school kids are now considered autistic a disorder that can affect kids' socially, intellectually, and behaviorally. the ratio is a sharp increase from the one in 150 a decade ago. our medical editor explains why the biggest jump is seen. >> ask parents if their child was severe or moderate or mild the biggest increase was in the "mild" area. it was flat when you look at children with severe autism. that does point to better recognition. >> the doctor says that genes and environmental factors should be looked at and he believes these results show an urgent need to focus on autism causes,
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prevention, and treatment. >> mike nicco is keeping an eye on the sky looking no rain. >> open up the weather window and i will show you where it is looking to the east bay you can see the lower clouds working out of the north bay and across the central bay. to give you a timeline for when this will exit our neighborhood and if you can fly out of sfo without any delays. >> new policy for a popular pharmacy chain is causing outrage.
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>> san rafael, south bay, pleasanton, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. in ukraine there were punches, choking and more in parliament with a huge fistfight in parliament. lawmakers had to suspend the session until they could control order. >> my goodness.
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happening now, general motors is recalling nearly 27,000 cadillacs and bicycles nationwide to fix a problem with the automatic transmission. the recall affects 2013 cadillac srx crossover s.u.v.'s and buick lacrosse sedans from the same year. the software problem can cause the transmission to shift suddenly from manual to automatic mode, increasing the risk of a crash. g.m. says they will reprogram the transmission at no cost to the owners. >> c.v.s. is taking a lot of heat for a a new health insurane program for employees because they are providing personal information such as weight and body fight available. employee whose refuse could see the premiums go up $600. they are also asking for consent to have access to health records. c.v.s. says the policy is an attempt to cut insurance costs and encourage workers to develop
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healthy habits. >> starting today in santa cruz, stores are charging a quarter for paper bags, banning plastic last year and charged ten cents for each paper bag but now officials have increased it to 25 cents to get people's attention. they want to keep plastic from polluting the environment and harming marine life in monterey bay especially. start at noon there will be free reusable bags at four locations. we have information on under oh -- "see it on t." >> and the backs come in all kind of fashionable looks but if you have to shop in the is not so bad today. >> we need the rain. one day every two weeks is not a bad ratio. good morning, everyone, coming up on 11:20. live doppler 7 hd shows marin
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county headed to sonoma county and we have our best radar in marshal. you can see the radar runs across marin and sonoma and headed to napa. by far, south of bodega bay is where we have the best radar return. notice what is going on upstream. this is the boundary between the moist air that we are sitting in and the dry air coming in tonight. you can see tomorrow's weather on the radar and satellite. today's rain is in the north bay and half an inch in santa rosa and san jose a little bit and .1" in oakland and concord, and in the east bay hills the rain is moving through berkeley hills and rain is falling in mountain view at quarter of an inch and hayward and napa and san bruno
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at .04". it is moving from north to south across the bay area. clearing and cooler tonight with the air near eureka and a chance of rain possible next week. here is a look at a warm core moving through last night and now the cold front is coming through, the last push of the 1-2 system bringing us the final round of rain today. there is a boundary moving through the north bay and we will focus the study rain as it moves through, now until 3:00 or 4:00 in the south bay and the cold front comes through in the evening hour and moisture that is left will squeeze out in isolated shower. behind it you can see headed to thursday morning clear with patchy fog developing and the breezes kick in. notice how quickly it chases the clouds away from us and sunshine breaks out for thursday afternoon. hoping for up to .25" to .5" more rain in the north bay in the mountains around the bay at
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.05" and the south bay at .01" to .1". cooler-than-average, and mid-50's at the coast. around the state today, check out 59 in sacramento to 50 in tahoe. this is a picture from tahoe getting fresh snow but it is not adding up to much. it began snowing in lake tahoe last night with more expected the next couple of hours but it is warm. the rain levels are high and it has been raining at lake level for the better part of the afternoon. this is a look from heavenly, thank you, lake tahoe tv, 3" to 4" of new snow for skiing. tonight, i will show you how much cooler it will be, upper 30's to mid-40's and mid-to-upper 40's for the bay and the coast. here is the seven-day outlook, you can see with the breezes come in, more sunshine and
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warmer weather thursday and friday and the coast will stay constant in the mid-to-upper 50's around the bay, in the mid-to-upper 50's flirting with 70 for the better part of the forecast in the inland neighbor. >> it looks like we will not get past mid-april for the ski season. >> it will be stuff. they have set record highs last week near 70. >> thank you, mike. still ahead, a big surprise. >> wait until you see what the police officers encountered
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>> coming up on "katie" is tina
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fay and paul rudd. and we have information for you on tax time coming up. and at 5:00, the crackdown on distracted drivers taking place today with the types of citations drivers are getting and where they are doing a good job. >> there will be a change in the season at "who wants to be a millionaire," getting a new host. actor who is an entertainer is known for his work on the "kings of comedy tour" saying this will be a good time. >> there are reports that there will be a new youtube channel. >> what? passed up again? >> the video that left some speechless. >> police officers encounter all kinds of unexpect the situations
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but two michigan officers got a big surprise when they opened the trunk of a car to find what they thought was a dead deer jump out. the man would owns the car told the officers he hit the deer, he thought he killed it and put it in the trunk to take home for dinner but it had other plans and didn't want to be dinner and the officer opened the trunk and it jumped outran back to the woods and back to the freedom. >> i thought cats have nine lives. i guess deer
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[dramatic music] ♪
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[cheers and applause] >> can i give you a hug? >> yeah. >> oh, my gosh! [laughing] we're gonna have some fun. this is gonna be great. i know it! i know it! >> >> well.laughs] >> i don't know what just happened there. hello, and welcome to millionaire. today's first contestant is a nut. no, actually, he's a game show fanatic who's living in an apartment with only one piece of furniture, and he's hoping millionaire can help him with a furniture shopping spree. >> that's right. >> please welcome, from austin, texas, ron-- [cheers and applause] you're-- i love that you're so full of energyd so excited th and so excited to be here. >> thank you. you're pretty great yourself. >> thank you. now, what's the story with the apartment? >> well, i've been living in an apartment by myself for almost a year now. i've got a bed, and i've got a tv. i've got nothing else. and my millionaire mission today is to go from squalor to baller.
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that's right. i need to make myself some money so i can get a couch, get myself a table... >> table. >> get myself some dishes and cups. that's right. >> couch, table, dishes, cups. how about a fridge? >> absolutely. >> so are you doing anything special today to guarantee that you walk away with $1 million? >> well, i have decided that i may just be in the mood to gamble today. i'm actually pretty good at craps. i don't know if people have told you. when i went to vegas, i held those dice for over an hour, and we took that casino ocean's eleven style for about $15,000 in an hour. >> wow. >> that's really pretty good. you want to come to my craps table. that's what you want to do. and in honor of that, i wore my gambling drawers. that's right. i got my craps dice right on there. >> i like them. i like them. >> ready to go. >> this is going to be >> i hope >> i hope so. >> all right, let's see the money in round one. okay, computer, please randomize the money. now here are the categories to your questions. and, computer, please randomize those categories. and now that everything is mixed up, are you ready?

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